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NanoProtx introduces market leading services and products in both Nanotechnology and Nano-Bionic surface protection. These technologies are considered a key technology of the 21st Century and they open up the greatest potential for innovation across all sectors of the economy to leave a lasting change.

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Nanotechnology - Introduction

Nano technology is a new high-end technology, based on natural processes. The minute size of the nanoparticles or nanostructure is one of the primary reasons for their unique characteristics. The Nano products are particularly valuable for refining most surfaces such as mineral facades, glass, windscreens, paintwork, wheel rims, surfaces, timber, stone, solar glass and surfaces made of metals such as stainless steel, etc making them easy-to-clean and protecting them for all types of environmental polution.

A brief overview of the benefits...

  • The perfect diffusion of a product applied over a surface with open protection
  • Since no closed layer is formed, the surface is 100% permeable and breathable
  • Protection of surfaces without pollutants
  • Extremely durable with long functionality
  • Ecological and biodegradable
  • Cost effective
  • Natural

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